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Give Thanks For Vikings Tickets

By Vikings Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

Give Thanks for the Minnesota Vikings:

When Vikings Tickets compiled our "thankful" list it included things like family, friends, a home, and a great job! Also top on the list was Vikings tickets and YOU, the Vikings fans. We are so thankful to be representing such a great team like the Vikings. 


Give Thanks for Vikings Fans: 

Vikings fans are great, we are so thankful for each and every fan and customer. Thank you for supporting your favorite football team through, you make us proud. 


American football on Thanksgiving:

We all know that American football is one of the many traditions in American culture that is associated with Thanksgiving Day. Virtually every level of football, from amateur and high school to college and the NFL (and even the CFL on Canadian Thanksgiving... what's Canadian Thanksgiving?), plays football on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) or the immediately following holiday weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


High School football on Thanksgiving: 

High school football games that are played on Thanksgiving are usually called a Turkey Day Game or a Turkey Bowl (not to be confused with Turkey bowling!!), because, obviously, Americans typically eat turkeys on Thanksgiving, although the title varies with each game.

Most commonly these games are between high school football rivalries although in many cases, when poor weather requires a shorter season, the game can be the culmination of league play among a high-school league, in which the winners of this game will be the league champions for the year. (Statewide playoffs were generally rare until the 1970s and 1980s, which allowed for longer regular seasons.) The custom dates back more than 100 years and is particularly prevalent in the Northeast. 


Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving: 

Unorganized groups have also been known to partake in American football on Thanksgiving. These informal matches are usually known as a Turkey Bowl (not to be confused with some high school football games that also use the name "Turkey Bowl". 

These games are usually unofficiated with a flag football, street football or touch football format.

While the games themselves are never nationally known, Turkey Bowls hold importance for those who participate and it is not uncommon for rivalries to last for years. Many families at Vikings Tickets participate in Turkey Bowls outside! Turkey Bowls are played by a variety of people including extended families, college fraternities, volunteer fire departments, and local churches across the country which use the day and the game to have fun, exercise and renew old acquaintances. 


College Football on Thanksgiving: 

College and professional games played over Thanksgiving weekend are usually referred to as a Classic. 


For example, the Turkey Day Classic, a college football game between Alabama State University and Tuskegee University, has been played on Thanksgiving Day annually since 1924. It is also the oldest black college football classic, since the two colleges first played each other in 1901. Another popular black college football classic played on Thanksgiving weekend is the Bayou Classic between Grambling State University and Southern University, which is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

There are also other prominent college football rivalries that take place over Thanksgiving weekend that include:

Auburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (the Iron Bowl)

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys (the Bedlam Series)


Professional Football on Thanksgiving:

Professional football teams and leagues have played on Thanksgiving from the start, with pro leagues and teams having played on Thanksgiving since the 1890s. It carried over when Buffalo and Rochester, two members of the New York Pro Football League which had held its championship on Thanksgiving 1919, and the Ohio League, which traditionally held its marquee matchups on Thanksgiving, combined into the NFL upon its founding in 1920, and as such, the NFL has played on Thanksgiving ever since.

Unfortunately, the 2012 UFL season is currently on hiatus.



Happy Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving, Vikings fans! We hope you enjoy your time with loved ones and keep in mind the things you are thankful for in your life. Enjoy your holiday!