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Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium

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The Minnesota Vikings call US Bank Stadium their home. The Minnesota Vikings stadium is located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. US Bank stadium is BEAUTIFUL. It took just under three years to complete construction and it holds 70,000 Minnesota Vikings fans! But we know it will feel like so much more than that when the Minnesota Vikings score a touchdown!


The Minnesota Vikings football stadium is designed with a see-through roof that makes it feel like an outdoor stadium though it is fully enclosed. You would never know it wasn't an outdoor stadium with its wonderful, natural sunlight from the all glass roof. The doors to the stadium do open though, for those warmer fall days, to catch some of the outdoor feel.


The Minnesota Vikings stadium will host the 52nd Super Bowl in 2018. We hope to see our Minnesota Vikings football team play at their own stadium in the 2018 Super Bowl. It has been since 1992 since the Minnesota Vikings football team hosted a Super Bowl and we cannot wait to have it here again!


Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium