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Minnesota Vikings Season Review

By Vikings Tickets Staff Writer: A. Hintz

Joe Webb

The Minnesota Vikings and the Vikings staff knew this year would be no easy year as they continue to rebuild after renovating the entire staff and changing key players. The Vikings worked hard in the offseason, allowing them to earn some wins throughout the year. Take a look back:

Week 01

@ San Diego Chargers 

Loss 24-17

Team Leaders:  D. McNabb 39 (passing); A. Peterson 98 (rushing); M Jenkins 26 (receiving)


Week 02

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Loss 24-20

Team Leaders:  D. McNabb 228 (passing); A. Peterson 120 (rushing); P. Harvin 76 (receiving)


Week 03

Detroit Lions

Loss 26-23

Team Leaders:  D. McNabb 211 (passing); A. Peterson 78 (rushing); M. Jenkins 88 (receiving)


Week 04

@ Kansas City Chiefs

Loss 22-17

Team Leaders:  D. McNabb 202 (passing); A. Peterson 80 (rushing); V. Shiancoe 58 (receiving)


Week 05

Arizona Cardinals

Win 34-10

Team Leaders:  D. McNabb 169 (passing); A. Peterson 122 (rushing); D. Aromashodu 81 (receiving)


Week 06

@ Chicago Bears

Loss 39-10

Team Leaders: D. McNabb 177 (passing); A. Peterson 39 (rushing); P. Harvin 78 (receiving)


Week 07

Green Bay Packers

Loss 33-27

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 219 (passing); A. Peterson 175 (rushing); M. Jenkins 111 (receiving)


Week 08

@ Carolina Panthers

Won 24-21

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 236 (passing); A. Peterson 83 (rushing); A. Peterson 76 (receiving)


Week 09



Week 10

@ Green Bay Packers

Loss 45-7

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 190 (passing); A. Peterson 51 (rushing); P. Harvin 52 (receiving)


Week 11

Oakland Raiders

Loss 27-21

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 211 (passing); C. Ponder 71 (rushing); P. Harvin 73 (receiving)


Week 12

@ Atlanta Falcons

Loss 24-14

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 186 (passing); T. Gerhard 44 (rushing); P. Harvin 95 (receiving)


Week 13

Denver Broncos

Loss 35-32

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 381 (passing); T. Gerhart 91 (rushing); P. Harvin 156 (receiving)


Week 14

@ Detroit Lions

Loss 34-28

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 115 (passing); J. Webb 109 (rushing); P. Harvin 69 (receiving)


Week 15

New Orleans Saints

Loss 42-20 

Team Leaders: C. Ponder 120 (passing): A. Peterson 60 (rushing); T. Gerhart 46 (receiving)


Week 16

@ Washington Redskins

Win 33-26

Team Leaders: J. Webb 84 (passing); T. Gerhart 109 (rushing); P. Harvin 65 (receiving)


Week 17

Chicago Bears

Loss 17-13

Team Leaders: J. Webb 200 (passing); T. Gerhart 67 (rushing); P. Harvin 115 (receiving)


The Minnesota Vikings experienced many transitions this year, especially within the coaching staff and at QB. Leslie Frazier is appearing to settle in nicely as he molds the Vikings into a winning franchise. Donovan McNabb, Christian Ponder and Joe Webb all played key roles in their respective games. With the release of McNabb, the Vikings will be looking between Ponder and Webb as a future starter and Vikings leader.

Stay tuned in the offseason for key player news as well as stadium updates.