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Minnesota Vikings Start the Season with a Bang

By Vikings Tickets Staff Writer R. Murray

The Minnesota Vikings:

They will always be near and dear to our hearts. Which is why it is so exciting that The Vikings started with a bang this season! 


Vikings Game Recap:


Here's a quick recap of the game, in case you missed it or wanna check your facts.

J.Scobee 19 yd. Field Goal Drive: 17 plays, 77 yards in 9:22

Lewis 1 yd. pass from B.Gabbert (kick blocked) Drive: 11 plays, 78 yards in 7:09
Peterson 3 yd. run (B.Walsh kick is good) Drive: 7 plays, 59 yards in 1:47

Peterson 2 yd. run (B.Walsh kick is good) Drive: 4 plays, 44 yards in 1:54
Scobee 26 yd. Field Goal Drive: 4 plays, 8 yards in 1:25

Walsh 20 yd. Field Goal Drive: 11 plays, 75 yards in 5:31
Scobee 47 yd. Field Goal Drive: 10 plays, 51 yards in 4:34
Walsh 42 yd. Field Goal Drive: 9 plays, 57 yards in 4:02
Shorts 39 yd. pass from B.Gabbert (B.Gabbert-J.Blackmon pass) Drive: 6 plays, 76 yards in 0:58
Walsh 55 yd. Field Goal Drive: 3 plays, 32 yards in 0:20

Walsh 38 yd. Field Goal Drive: 8 plays, 55 yards in 3:54 

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