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Quarterbacks Under Pressure to Perform

By | Posted Thursday, May 31

There is a lot of talk in the Minnesota Vikings camp about the great set of rookies they drafted and even some talk about what a few view to be an even smarter group of undrafted rookie free agents. The Vikings hope their rookies are able to contribute right away to the team's success, but many Viking fans are forgetting about who is going to lead the team at quarterback. An unproven starting quarterback doesn't have the luxury to underachieve during the first couple of games because the pressure is all on the QB to lead the team. If the team doesn't win, the brunt of the blame lands on the quarterback.

As of now, Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger are competing for the starting quarterback job for the Vikings, and both are relatively unproven. Whoever gets the starting job (right now head coach Brad Childress seems to be leaning toward Jackson), will surely feel the pressure to perform during the first couple of starts. Most likely, the starter out of the gate will be on a short leash if he doesn't play solid. Childress will probably keep his quarterback's risky throw percentage down, as he probably wants to see what top rookie Adrian Peterson can do in the ground attack.