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Single Game Vikings Tickets Available Now

By Vikings Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

Single Vikings Game Tickets Available Now: 

Buy all the Vikings tickets you need from a trusted Vikings fan site. Single Game tickets are available now, even for the Vikings Packers game or the Vikings Lions game. What's the big deal about that? Keep reading! 

Vikings-Packers Rivalry: 

The Packers-Vikings rivalry is an NFL rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. The rivalry began in 1961, when the Minnesota Vikings entered the league. The rivalry is known for being very close, both in the all-time series and in each game. It is also considered to be one of the most intense rivalries in the National Football League, due to these close games, the fact that both teams have often fought for the NFC North title, and the fact that the two states in which these teams reside (Minnesota and Wisconsin) have a rivalry in many sports and leagues such as the Big Ten Conference. Basically, the Vikings hate the Packers and vice versa. 

Vikings-Lions Rivalry:

The Lions–Vikings rivalry is a rivalry between the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings. The Lions and Vikings have been battling since the Vikings entered the league in 1961. Minnesota has dominated the series; however, Detroit has given the Vikings, a usual contender for the NFL playoffs, many close games over the years. You can't beat a little Vikings-Lions rivalry.