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Vikings lose to Cowboys

By Vikings Fan | Posted Monday, October 22

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-14 in Dallas on Sunday. It was a typical Vikings fan roller coaster ride. Strong early, stammer late and then a loss to top it all off.   It was a warm 85 degrees in Dallas and probably ten degrees hotter on the artificial turf, but all that heat wasn't enough to tire the Dallas boys out or put a fire under our Minnesota Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson did not perform well (6 for 19, 72 yards) and rookie running back Adrian Peterson did not get the on-field opportunities he deserved. The Vikings ran 49 plays and Peterson was only in 13 of them. Peterson is clearly THE MAN of the Vikings offense and players and fans alike are tired of not seeing the number 28 Peterson jersey on the field. The Minnesota Vikings 2-4 record is not reflective of the talent on this team and coach Brad Childress needs to salvage the rest of this Vikings season quickly.